Neighbourwoods invetory and monitoring
There are many kinds of inventories, yet none can be pointed to as being universally correct. In fact, the objectives of the tree inventory defines what data need to be collected, and the ways in which it will be collected and recorded. The extent and detail covered by the data will determine the cost of the inventory, and its usefulness. For example, collecting information on one problem, or only on tree condition, provides minimal data, but the inventory can be completed quickly. A detail survey provides more information and flexibility in the use of the inventory for stewrdship and managemnat of the urban forest.

Neighbourwoods approch to invetory and monitoring is a unique as it provides for the collection of accurate information with multiple uses. Standardized data collection and record ensure that information collected is meanigful and relavant.

The major characteristics of this unique inventory approach are:
• A standardized inventory procedure to minimize bias among surveyors and over time;
• Standardized data entry to reduce error and facilitate training;
• A cost-effective approach to data collection;
• Custom manipulation of inventory

The inventory data can be grouped according to:
• Tree location and site characteristics;
• Tree Species and size
• Tree Size;
• Tree condition
• Grwoing enviroment in relation to urban infrastructure.





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