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, a tree inventory of your neighbourhood.  It is an exciting way of being active, getting together with the people in your community and learning all about the trees in and around where you live. These are the trees that help provide quality of life in your living environment.  The first step is getting to this valuable resource.

Know Your Resource

With an increasing awareness of the value of trees in urban landscapes, there is a growing need for more efficient urban forest management systems. However, urban forest managers are forced to confront the fact that there are often not enough data to describe and manage the forest in their jurisdiction. An effective urban forest inventory must be more than just a list of existing trees, it should, firstly, provide information to meet overall management goals for the urban forest, as well as goals specific to the maintenance of individual trees. Secondly, it should provide information about the role of the  urban forest in improving the local and regional environment. Thirdly, an inventory should provide an effective public education program that will help residents, professionals, and policy makers understand the urban forest. 
The Neighbourwoods program has two broad objectives:
 a) to ensure the collection of standardized information that could be used by tree professionals and non-professionals alike
b) to allow for sophisticated tree analysis necessary for advanced interpretation and management.
Neighbourwoods  components are: a) Tree inventory procedure and training b) Neighbourwoods© tree inventory data analysis c) Urban forest management planning
Neighbourwoods© tree inventory procedure  is a comprehensive and standard tree inventory protocol developed  by Dr. W.A. Kenney and Dr. D. Puric-Mladenovic, to assist communities and professionals in collecting the tree information they need to strategically plan and manage their urban forest.
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